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What are the first steps of an implant therapy?

In every case, we start with a free consultation. Using modern imaging technology (e.g., 3D radiographs), we analyze the anatomy of your jaws and the important specifics (e.g., bone quantity and quality) of the region where an implant therapy is planned. Using these tools, we talk about your options, making sure you understand every treatment option available to you as well as their respective positive and negative aspects.

Shortly thereafter, we email you a treatment plan that also includes the complete treatment costs. Then, after receiving all important information, you can make an informed choice about whether you would like to be treated by our team.

I take blood thinners. What do I need to know before a dental treatment?

Patients rarely have to stop taking blood thinners before a dental treatment. In complex cases, the internist prescribing the blood thinner has to be consulted. It is important that you do not stop taking blood thinners on your own without prior consultation with your physician.

Can I have an allergy to dental implants?

That is impossible. Contrary to other metal alloys used in dentistry (e.g., nickel in removable partial dentures), dental implants are made of titan or ceramics. There are no allergies to dental implants and their high biocompatibility ensures that the human body does not react to them adversely.

Can I still get implants at 70?

Certainly. Many of are older patients report an increase in quality of life after getting back the ability to masticate properly. Implants do not only show better esthetics, they also allow for much more stable functional restorations.

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