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Cosmetic Dentistry


Cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is based on the concept that for most patients, a beautiful smile is just as important as a functionally stable restoration. Thus, it has become more and more important to restore the natural beauty of teeth. It makes sense — a beautiful smile is the cornerstone of one’s appearance.

Naturally, achieving oral health and perfect function are still the most important aspects of our treatments. However, these can be achieved while still providing our patients with an esthetically pleasing result.

Modern comprehensive dentistry has a wide variety of options to achieve these goals.

Full ceramic inlays and crowns

Inlays represent the most valuable form of lateral tooth fillings. Ceramic inlays are translucent which means they look just like your teeth. In addition, they are also able to withstand loads coming from masticatory forces. Therefore, ceramic inlays meet the most stringent demands, both esthetically and functionally.

Ceramic crowns are used if the amount of missing tooth substance prevents the use of inlays. These have a very natural appearance and are stable enough to withhold the strong forces associated with chewing.

Tooth color key


Veneers are ceramic facings that can be brought upon the tooth surface via a special adhesive. Discoloring and tooth gaps are among the many issues that can be solved with veneers.

To be able to apply veneers, a wafer-thin layer of the enamel has to be removed. This is only 0.3 to 0.8 mm, so a miniscule amount in comparison to your tooth’s crown. In addition, veneers have a very high biocompatibility – that means your body will not try to fight against it, e.g. by inducing an inflammation.

What can we solve with veneers?

  • diastema (tooth gap)
  • chipped teeth
  • discoloring
  • smaller malposition
  • congenital enamel defects
  • aesthetically unpleasant fillings

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Teeth whitening is a very popular method with dozens of products available for patients to use on their own at home. However, at-home bleaching products are either too weak to have any effect or too strong to be used without supervision. We offer professional bleaching at our office that is effective but still safe to use.
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