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Oral Surgery

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Oral Surgery in Hungary

Certain situations cannot be solved by a conservative approach and call for a surgical treatment.

Oral surgery is one of our main areas of focus. Dr. Peter Feher is a certified specialist for oral surgery and has decades of surgical experience. He is supported by his on Dr. Balazs Feher, a graduate student and visiting clinician at the Vienna University Clinic of Dentistry.

We offer comprehensive surgical solutions ranging from routine surgery (e.g., wisdom tooth removal) all the way to more complex interventions (e.g., block augmentation). Here’s an overview of the surgical services offered by Feher & Racz.


There may be more than one good treatment options but never more than one correct diagnosis.

Precise diagnostics are of utmost importance to us. Diagnostics serve a dual purpose: they help us with the communication with you about your condition and help you make the right decisions with our support. Beyond the more common panoramic and intraoral radiographs we also have the option to plan treatments with low-dose three-dimensional digital tomography.

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Tooth extraction

Extractions are very common procedures with wide ranging indications, from untreatable teeth to orthodontics. Neighboring structures, such as adjacent teeth have to be taken into account when removing a tooth to minimize the risk for possible complications.

Wisdom tooth removal is a routine procedure that sometimes requires special planning. This is often due to the position of the alveolar nerve in the lower jaw. When the roots of a wisdom tooth are close to a nerv, a strong indication (e.g., pain or chronic inflammation) is needed to justify the extraction. Such procedures are always planned in advance by three-dimensional imaging.

Root tip resection

A root tip resection ist a micro-surgical procedure that is performed to clean up inflamed and infected tissue around the tip of a tooth root. If repeated root canal treatment does not permanently resolve the symptoms, we approach the tooth root from the outside, by cutting a miniscule window into the alveolar bone. Then, the top most piece of the tooth root, about 3 millimetres long, is amputated. The root canal filling, now visible in the cross section of the tooth root, will be checked for defects and renewed if necessary. Local anaesthesia is sufficient to control the pain during the procedure.

Cyst operations

Cysts are sacs of tissue that have either fluid or soft material inside them.

Dental cysts can be serious and — if left unchecked — can lead to severe complications, accompanied by intense pain and discomfort. Patients with a cyst will need a professional oral and radiographic examination, hence the treatment is determined based on the exact kind of cyst and its precise location. Low-dose three-dimensional tomography is often used to measure the dimensions of a cyst to support the therapeutic decision making process.

If it is a small cyst at the end of a dead root, treatment of the dead root alone might allow the cyst to slowly repair itself. Other cysts at the end of roots (particularly on front teeth) might need to be scooped out surgically to help the root treatment be more successful.

Implantology and bone augmentation

Oral implantology represents the best way to replace teeth. Due to large interest, we have summarized the most important information on implantology and bone augmentation on this page.
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