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A Look Back At The EAO Congress 2019

Europe’s largest conference on oral implantology took place in Lisbon this year. 

One of the most important events in implant dentistry, the annual scientific congress of the European Association for Osseointegration (EAO) took place in September in Lisbon, Portugal. The EAO Congress was visited by some 4000 professionals from over 80 countries, making it the largest event focusing on implantology in Europe. Moreover, the EAO is an independent organization, ensuring that the scientific discussion is unbiased and not dependent on industry connections. This year in Lisbon, current trends and tendencies as well as the future of implantology were discussed under the slogan “Bridge to the Future”.

Esthetics remain an important topic in implant dentistry, particularly in the highly relevant anterior region of the upper jaw. As we know, soft tissue characteristics play an important role in obtaining good clinical results. Several new and emerging methods for optimizing the soft tissues around implants were presented, including the VISTA technique that showed very promising results.

Moreover, in order to avoid worse than optimal results, the right case selection for the placement of dental implants was discussed. Not every situation calls for an implant and in certain cases, other therapy methods might deliver better esthetics. Professor Markus Hürzeler talked about various alternatives available to dentists today in cases where implants might not be the optimal treatment for the patient.

Dr. Balazs Feher on stage at the EAO Congress 2019

Our own Dr. Balazs Feher took part in the scientific program as well. In his talk he discussed recent findings from a clinical study on residual growth in adult patients and its possible effect on implant axes. Residual growth represents a topic of growing importance in implant dentistry. To investigate this research question, Dr. Feher conducted a clinical study unter supervision of Professor Ulrike Kuchler at the Medical University of Vienna, University Clinic of Dentistry. The study is now completed and the publication of the results is coming in the next months.

Three days of exciting lectures and stimulating discussions with colleagues from around the world. We look forward to attending the EAO Congress 2020 in Berlin!

Dr. Balazs Feher

Dr. Balazs Feher

About the person

A recent Dentistry graduate of the Medical University of Vienna, Dr. Balazs Feher is currently studying towards a Ph.D. in Musculoskeletal and Dental Research under the supervision of Professor Reinhard Gruber and was recently awarded the European Prize for Research in Implant Dentistry by the European Association for Osseointegration. At Feher & Racz his clinical focus is on oral surgery and dental implant therapy.

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